This 2 hour seminar is an introduction to the wonderful world of craft coffee roasting. We will demonstrate a roast cycle on both our full size and sample roasters, pointing out the key stages of roast development. Participants will have an opportunity to cup coffee roasted at varying levels and we will begin to identify roast levels on the SCA scale. We will also discuss the basic chemistry involved with coffee roasting and its effect on flavor. Participants will get to take home their own bag of coffee from the roasting session.

DATES: Thursday, July 20th 4-6pm

Thursday, August 10th 4-6pm

Cost: $75

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This hands on Barista Lab offers the basic knowledge and practical skills needed to prepare high quality espresso and espresso based beverages. With an emphasis on sensory perception and tactile experience our instructors will guide students in the following areas of focus: espresso extraction, milk steaming and pouring, drink building and workflow.

Our Training Lab features professional equipment from La Marzocco, Fetco, and Mahlkonig and classes are taught by instructors with years of experience in the Specialty Coffee Industry.

Guidelines for class- Wear closed toe, non-slip shoes. Avoid any strongly scented body products.

DATES: Monday, July 10th 10am - 2pm (SOLD OUT)

Monday, August 7th 10am-2pm

Cost $160

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Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world and Americans are its number one consumers. Many of us enjoy or rely upon drinking this invigorating brew daily, but rarely stop to consider what it takes to get the coffee into our hands. This seminar will provide foundational coffee knowledge for industry professionals and home enthusiasts. From legends of dancing goats to written historical accounts of Sufis in Yemen, we will explore the history and cultivation of the coffee plant as it traveled the globe. Coffee variety, terroir, growing region, micro-climate, processing, and roast level all play a major role in the resulting flavor of a particular coffee, before brew method and ratio are even considered. Learn about these factors in this 2 hour seminar and taste some coffee with us.